Parnell Consultants is an independent corporation adaptable to the needs of the pipeline, electric and communication construction industry. This firm was founded with the intentions of associating a full range of highly qualified professionals to work as a coordinating company between the job contractor and the owners of the company.

Our personnel can work independently on a turnkey basis or under the direction of owner/company supervision to ensure that every phase of each operation is visually inspected and the work quality is performed and documented in accordance with owner’s specifications and requirements.

Our employees have completed numerous contracts for major and independent water, oil and gas, electrical cooperative and communication companies in the United States and abroad. All of our personnel have had several year’s experience in their specialty and are familiar with the appropriate codes and standards for each job that governs the particular project.

Parnell Consultants proposes to perform for the client company, field services in connection with the construction of their proposed pipeline, electric utilities and communications cables and related appurtenances. For this purpose, Parnell Consultants shall assign competent personnel in such a number and classification as may be requested by the client. The client shall have the right during the progress of the work to review the need for personnel and may require additions, reductions or replacements of Parnell Consultants forces. Parnell Consultants represents that it can obtain a sufficient number of experienced and competent personnel to meet the client’s requirements in this regard. There are no restrictions to project size. There are no geographic location limitations that we are aware of, since our personal will accept employment any place in the United States or abroad.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to:

  • Sandra K. Parnell, Owner, President, and Chairman of the Board.
  • Floyd T. Parnell, CEO & CFO
  • Jeffrey Smith, V.P. Development/Management.
  • Mark Talley, V.P. Construction
  • Robert Young, Right of Way Manager
  • Alan Whitson, Business Development/UAS

PARNELL CONSULTANTS, a minority owned company, can offer your company nearly 70 years of combined experience and expertise in the Right-of-Way and Inspection business. Our combined experience includes work in several states for a number of companies. We have worked jobs in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah and California. This experience has given us familiarity with a variety of regions and their people as well as knowledge of different state laws which may influence right-of-way work.

We would appreciate the opportunity to provide services to your company and can furnish you the following:

Right-of-Way Acquisition

Damage Settlement

Surface Sites Acquisition

Surveying and Mapping

Permit Agents

Pipeline Inspectors

Project Management

Gas Plant Inspection

Field Management

Water Line Inspection

Auto Cad Mapping and As-built

River and Wetlands Crossings

Environmental Permitting

UAS/Drone Services

Turnkey ProjectsDue Diligence

Title and Curative

Project Managers

Consultant Services

Certified Welding Inspectors

Certified Appraiser

Power Plants Inspection

Highway Relocation

DOT Relocation Agreements

Lead R.O.W. Agent

Material Coordinators


We have focused on Turnkey Projects the last few years because of the demand from Companies wanting to make one call to handle everything such as Oil & Gas Management, Survey and Mapping, Right of Way, and Inspection all combined. Naturally we are interested in and would prefer doing a turnkey job, but we will be more than happy to do any part of any job and furnish one or more agents or inspectors to do it.

We have a large number of resumes on file from people in different states whom we have worked or who have worked for us and who we know to be quality people. We provide hands on training for all our people prior to going on a job and on-the-job training where necessary. We stay in close contact with our agents and inspectors and remain available for advising, consultation, and updating of their knowledge wherever needed in order to perform our responsibilities more efficiently and effectively. We pledge ourselves to work diligently to keep communication lines open and communications understandable between all parties.

We are confident that we will be able to meet all contract requirements including Insurance requirements (see insurance certificate attached).

Our goal, in essence, is to hire quality people who take pride in themselves and their work, who can complete a job, and who cares as much about the job and the end result as does the company we are working for.

We hope this information will give you some insight into Parnell Consultants and our philosophy of operation. We will look forward to working with your company should you decide to contract with us. If any other information is needed, please give us a call.